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Rug 101

Need a quick rundown on the history of rugs or want to know more about rugs? You'll find all that info and more right here!


  • History of the rug

    Rug weaving began at least 6000 years ago with the nomadic tribes of west Asia who needed light, yet durable floor coverings. Since then, the tradition of rug weaving spread to various different regions across the world, producing a wealth of different rug styles. Today, the world's most important and renowned rug producing countries are Iran, India, and Turkey.

  • Styles

    Rug styles refer mainly to the design or pattern on the rug, but they can also refer to the type of weave used to construct it. For instance, traditional styles feature classic floral patterns and are more likely to be handmade. However, modern style rugs are more simple and feature the use of lines and geometric shapes.

  • Materials & weaves

    Rugs are made from either synthetic or natural materials. Handmade rugs are more frequently made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk and jute, as these materials are very durable. Meanwhile, machine made or power loomed rugs are typically made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene or viscose, which simulate the look and feel of natural materials, but at a lower cost.